Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What Is The Difference Between Engineered Hardwood Floors and Laminater floors?

One of the biggest flooring debates happening in any local hardware store is the engineered floors floors versus the laminate floors battle. Although many people find that laminate flooring is the less expensive option, engineered flooring is close behind. Both are wxcellent alternatives to paying the high cost for traditional hardwood floors. But, which is the best solution?
One of the differences between the two is the composition.

Engineered flooring does offer many benefits, including being a great choice for water prone areas like bathrooms and basements, and being quite affordable. It too is easy to instal versus l. It is an ideal choice for a floating floor. The biggest disappointment to engineered flooring is that the thin finish layer can only be sanded three or four times at most since, it is so thin. Of course, you do not have the option of refinishing laminate floors at all.

Laminate flooring comes from wood chips and a thin surface that is made from resin infused paper. On the other hand, engineered flooring is made of a layer of plywood with a layer of finish wood on top. The arrangement of the wood helps to keep it looking real and provides it with extra strength.
Laminate floors are resistant to scratches. They do hold up well to moisture, in most cases. In addition, laminate is quite easy to install. Laminate flooring is, on the other hand, a less comfortable solution than true hardwoods.

Another major difference, is if a laminate floor gets damaged in a highly visible area, it is impossible to replace, without replacing the whole floor, while with the engineered floor this is not a major problem.

The best way to know which product is right for you is to compare the two products side to side. Which do you like?
The Quality texture and appeal of good engineered hardwood floors. will probably lead them to be top of your list.

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